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Short Description:

Product Name:Flavine 7GFF
Color Index No.: C.I.Direct Yellow 96
CAS NO:61725-08-4

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Content Dyeing Depth
Fastness Properties(Change of Shade)
Light Washing
Hot Pressing
Perspiration Rubbing
gdfsghf Flavine 7GFF 500% 1.5 5=1-2 2-3 3-4 3-4 4-5 4

Synonyms of Flavin 7GFF: C.I.Direct Yellow 96;Pergasol Yellow 8GA;Pyrazol Brilliant Flavine 7GF;Solophenyl Flavine 7GF 500%
Physicochemical properties of Flavine 7GFF:

Molecular weight 1274.50756
Isotopic mass 281.955202
Number of isotopic atoms 0
Number of hydrogen bond donors 0
Number of hydrogen bond receptors 3
Number of heavy atoms 15
Number of rotatable chemical bonds 3
Complexity 216
Number of covalent bond units 1
Determined number of atomic stereocenters 0
Number of atomic stereocenters with uncertainty 0
Determined number of chemical bond stereocenters 0
Uncertain number of chemical bond stereocenters 0
Reference value for hydrophobic parameter calculation(XlogP) 4.5
Topological molecular polar surface area 40.9
Melting point >300°C
PSA 361.91

Application:  Be used in dyeing cotton, viscose fiber,the blends, wool,leather and paper. It can be directly printed on cotton or viscose fabric. Generally speaking, it is not used for discharge dyeing. When dyeing cotton or viscose fibers,it gives a bright green light.Mixed with Direct Turq. Blue GL,it can get the color of bright fruit green.


Item Description
Name Flavine 7GFF 500%
Color Index No. C.I.Direct Yellow 96
Chemical Family Direct dyes
Appearance Yellow even powder
Shade similar to standard
Tinting strength 500%+/-3
Moisture 1.5% max.
Insoluble matter 0.05% max.
Degree of fineness: (screening hangover content by  80  um),% : 95%

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