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Offer Oil Solvent Violet 13 For Plastic

Short Description:

Product Name:Transparent Violet B
C.I.NO. Solvent Violet 13
CAS NO.81-48-1
Molecular formula:C21H15NO3
Molecular weight:329.35

Product Detail

Product Tags

Synonyms:C.I. 60725; C.I. Disperse Blue 72; C.I. Solvent Violet 13; Alizurol purple; Quinizarin blue; Solvent Violet 13; C.I.Solvent Violet 13; Violet B; Plast violet 4001

Physical and chemical property:
Appearance: Purple black powder
Solubility:Insoluble in water, soluble in benzene, chlorobenzene, xylene, DMF and other organic solvents.
Refractive indexl:1.5614
Boiling point:466.95°C
Melting Point:190-191℃

It is mainly used for coloring polyester fiber pulp and preparing polyester color masterbatch; Photometric determination of boron.
Property:It has good fastness, good temperature resistance, good migration resistance and bright color.
Quality guarantee period: 36 months.
Packing: 25kgs iron drum.
Storage:Store in a cool and ventilated room and prevent moisture and heat.

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